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Methodology and Logistics Planning

Methodology: List

Work Place Appraisal

•Strategy meetings
•Storage Audit
•Clarifying project brief
•Work place appraisal questionaries'
•Design workshops
•Staff Workshops
•Design Review

Preliminary Solutions

•Design update
•Visual & Walkthroughs
•Building technical integration
•Agreed timescales
•Budget confirmation
•Furniture viewings

Detailed Solution

•Final space plan
•Final visuals
•Finishes schedule
•Construction drawings
•Services drawings
•IT specification
•Final costs
•Furniture selectio

Due Diligence

•Building Regulations
•Planning consent
•Health & safety
•Landlord Approvals
•Risk assessment
•Contract administrator
•Insurance and warranties
•Final programme
•Contingency plan

Build & Relocation

•Long lead procurement
•Mobilisation & site set up
•Project management
•Furniture installation
•IT & Telecoms
•Relocation & move management
•Handover & occupation
•Staff training

Client Care

•Servicing and maintenance
•Support through defects liability period
•Workplace strategy
•Office health checks
•Client relationship management

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