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Environmental and Sustainability

COYS Construction Ltd. is committed to being responsible for the interaction with the environment to avoid depletion and degradation of natural resources and to allow for long-term environmental quality.

It is the policy of COYS Construction Limited to act in a reasonable way towards the environment.  To achieve this objective COYS Construction Ltd will undertake an environmental review at the commencement of all projects.  The purpose of this review is to make sure by reasonable action of all parties to the project that;

  • Timber is obtained from replenishable sources.

  • Responsible waste management – all waste/debris is disposed of using a registered waste contractor.  All materials requiring specialist disposal in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Materials deleterious to the environment are avoided wherever possible.

  • Materials containing CFC’s are minimized.

  • Review and replace products with more environmentally sound alternatives.

  • All plant will be in good working order and regularly serviced to ensure its optimum efficiency.  When not required plant will be switched off for reasons of safety and economy.

  • COYS Construction Ltd. will operate at all times with due regard for the other works contractors and individuals/companies neighboring the project.

It is also the policy of COYS Construction Ltd. to produce this responsible attitude towards the environment, to its works contractors and employees.  At the end of each project, we undertake as a matter of policy a full review of the project in terms of its environmental management.

A full copy of our Environmental Sustainability Policy is available upon request.

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